LDP – Ladies Defensive Pistol


A “Ladies Only” course. Geared specifically for women who are new to firearms or wish to enhance their defensive capabilities.

Geared toward those ladies who have not received formal training in the defensive use of the pistol. The course ‘de-mystifies’ the pistol, expounds on the advantages and disadvantages of ownership and concealed carry. The course addresses women’s particular concerns about personal safety and carrying a pistol for defense. It is a ‘Ladies Only’ course for those who feel more comfortable in that learning environment.

This course is especially useful for those women who are contemplating the purchase of a pistol for defense and desire to make an informed decision when purchasing a pistol.

It is comprised of formal firearms safety training, firearms responsibility, basics of the Modern Technique of the Pistol, and basic user pistol maintenance. The course includes significant range time (up to 200 rounds fired) and reality based live fire scenario training.