HRE – High Risk Environment


Intended to prepare those traveling abroad to areas with high crime rates or unstable political conditions.

This course is normally tailored to the client’s requirements. Practical solutions to daily living overseas are offered and all facets of travel and operations in high risk environments is covered.

A firearms module is offered for those who will be expected to be armed overseas. There is also a vehicle based module available for anti IED, roadblock, and counter surveillance training.

This course has been conducted for US military, and US governmental agencies with significant success in keeping the client safe and capable while working overseas.

Course duration with firearms and vehicle modules included is two days.

Included are the following seminar topics:


  • Organizational policy on terrorism
  • Terrorism- the undeclared war
  • The opposition: who are they?
  • Terrorism indicators
  • Sequence & characteristics of terrorist assaults
  • Elements of protective countermeasures
  • Cultural aspects and how they affect your security


  • On the street
  • In the vehicle
  • At your residence or lodging
  • At the office
  • For your dependents
  • Evacuating an overseas residence
  • Flight or fight?
  • Survival, evasion, resistance & escape(SERE)
  • As a hostage
  • Protective equipment and tactics
  • Use of non-lethal personal security equipment
  • Use of deadly force
  • Terrorist methods and equipment, including firearms, IEDs (improvised explosive devices),vehicle bombs, mines, booby-traps, rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs)
  • Letter & parcel bomb recognition points
  • Bomb threat procedures & checklist
  • Essential personal equipment suggested for travel to unstable environments overseas

Above is the standard curriculum, conducted at your facility or a suitable location of choice. This course spans two days of classroom instruction, including practical exercises. This program can be tailored to your specific needs. Particular topics can be expanded in scope as is relevant to your specialized requirements.